An experiment in fun and connection

What is this all about?

I will provide a choice of prompts for conversation. We will see where it leads. That’s it.

Here is an example:

example prompt

Why is this happening?

My favorite great ideas are simple. Ones that are fun and make you think, “I could do that.” Easy to replicate. I hope that “You are Interesting” is that.

I also really enjoy people and connection, so I’m attempting to create a fun safe space for that.

How this project came to be.

It began as a very simple idea. It seemed like low hanging fruit with great potential. An experiment that might scratch my itch for fun and connection at a tech conference.

I proceeded to workshop this idea with a lot of people. First and foremost, I collaborated with my wife Cristina, who helped give this idea concrete shape. The great ideas from many friends and co-workers added depth and created a ton more work.

After many additional conversations, it became clear that:

  • I needed a logo.
  • I needed a branded tee shirt.
  • I needed messaging to enroll people.
  • I needed a website (you are here).
  • I needed a number of great prompts, with room for ideas from other people.
  • I needed people to staff this experiment with me.
  • I needed to collect metrics. To do that, I would need to build an app to track those metrics.

What actually happened.

Who I am

My name is James. I’m a professional open source developer at G-Research Open Source Software.

I have extremely sensitive hearing, which is why you always see me wearing headphones.

I build software, make all kinds of music, and participate in several Men’s Groups in the Bay Area.

I recently determined my purpose in life is fun and connection. I am generally up for fun, as long as it’s not loud fun.

Get in touch

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